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Our A-611 scarf is made of tightly woven baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca is unsurpassed softness and the warm wool from the alpaca is seven times warmer than lamb's wool, which gives the same warm feeling as a thick and warm scarf, but with a much lighter and thin scarf. The tight bias weave makes for a strong and very elegant scarf that will keep you warm through the cold months.

Baby Alpaca, stands for one of the finest grades of Alpaca wool.
Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and can easily be used by people with wool allergies.


100% Baby Alpaca wool


200x30 cm

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Machine wash 30 degrees


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Baby Alpaca from Peru

The alpaca belongs on the roof of the world - in the Andes mountains, where it has adapted to the harsh climate with a fantastic, thick fur coat that insulates against both cold and heat. Contrary to sheep's wool, which insulates because it can hold lots of air between the individual fibres, the alpaca fibers insulate because each single fiber is hollow and filled with air, thus maintaining the temperature.

Technically, the alpaca does not have wool, but hair, making the fibers smooth, supple and flexible. This means that an alpaca scarf falls beautifully, soft and shiny - and can be used by most wool allergy sufferers.

Our scarves are exclusively produced in Baby Alpaca. The quality is determined by how thin and fine the individual fiber is, and therefore has nothing to do with the age of the animal. The fibers are carefully sorted after cutting, with some of the finest fibers being labeled Baby Alpaka.

We only work with Baby Alpaca from Peru, where the vast majority of the population lives naturally and where, over generations, the craft of turning the raw fiber into beautiful textiles of very high quality has been refined.