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About Appearance & AN IVY

The vision behind both our brands. About a mission to create products that elevate everyday life.

behind appearance & AN ivy


Grounded in the passion of everyday wardrobe essentials that you keep coming back to every day. Annual. We began our journey towards making these everyday wardrobe items our own way. The mission. Uncompromising quality. Responsibly made. Timeless.

We want to create the next classics in the everyday business casual wardrobe. Products that will not only last a lifetime in their timeless design, but also in the quality they are made in. We want to give you the same great experience with these essential products that we have had, which led to the founding of Appearance and later tll the takeover of AN IVY.

Our goal is to make your wardrobe choices easier for you. You don't have to think about what's in trend next season, as your wardrobe is always relevant. You don't have to think about how to combine it. We want to make these choices easy for you.

You don't need a large wardrobe to accomplish this. You just need fewer favorites. Well-made products that you will enjoy for a long time. It's quality for us.

With best regards

Alexander & Christian


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Two "The Everyday Man"

Uncompromising approach to choosing the best materials, with a focus on fit in a timeless design, we create long-lasting classics that live out various trends and ensure that the wardrobe is made up of only the most necessary products. With a focus on our surroundings, we only produce in the most sustainable factories in Portugal, in order to have a minimal outlet in production as well as in transport.

Our ambition is to inspire men to be the best version of themselves. We celebrate the formal by making it informal. The stereotypical businessman no longer exists and it is now up to the individual to dress appropriately. We want to help change the perception of the modern man by giving him the opportunity to reflect his ambitions and personality through his clothing. We make the unpredictable more predictable. We make sure that you are presentable in every situation, on every occasion.

We call it Everyday Formal: where Business meets Casual and becomes Business Casual - You are what you wear - our ambitions on your behalf.


behind the fire


Elevate Your Everyday

From long days at the office to the big events: AN IVY celebrates the importance of excellence in all aspects of life. Our ultimate goal is to create the best possible conditions to make small moments big. We want to be a natural part of the wardrobe of the growing crowd of visionary and ambitious men who understand the importance of dressing exceptionally well.

The art of dressing is probably one of the most routine things we do as humans. We do it every single day. And often we dress up and change clothes to mark the change from day to night. Dressing is a versatile discipline: sometimes we don't think about our clothes; we just put it on. Other times it means everything. AN IVY will be there when it does. And if you ask us, it should be always.

Well-dressed men trust our insight, advice and products. They come to us not only because of our ties and accessories, but also because of the lifestyle we exude. AN IVY was created because we want to create the best possible products for men who want more. But also because we want to create a brand that over time develops into a movement that celebrates the importance of excelling in all aspects of life.

In September 2023, AN IVY became part of the Appearance family. AN IVY continues in the same spirit and develops the range so that you can expand your wardrobe in style. And a twinkle in the eye.

Better Design. Within range.

We make products at the crossroads between reasonable prices, a keen eye for design and a sublime quality that is guaranteed by our high Danish standards. We are experts in creating modern and classic clothing and accessories for men who understand the importance of dressing properly.

We believe in wardrobe classics. But our approach to these is anything but boring – it is playful and innovative.

Dressing exceptionally well makes a difference. To everyone. Therefore, it is essential for us to be inclusive in everything we do. That's why we offer well-designed and innovative wardrobe classics at reasonable prices.