The Everyday Man

Appearance was born out of a desire to help men be a better version of themselves—and for them to show it through their clothing. The way men dress before, during and after work has changed. Expectations have reversed. Society is no longer dictating how men should dress. Now, it’s up to you. Your appearance is your choice.

We believe that there should only be time and place for essential things in life—every moment counts. Nobody knows what is next. But you should never worry about your clothing and appearance.

We celebrate the formal by making it informal. The stereotypical businessman wearing a suit, a shirt and a tie is no longer a symbol of today’s man. To us, it is a relic of the past that does not fit into the present.

We have thought deeply about our products quality, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our clothes are of excellent quality. By partnering with the right factories and selecting the best fabrics and materials, you can wear our clothes today, tomorrow, and in the future—seven days a week.

We respect and pay tribute to the persistent man. The man who shows his ambitions through his choice of clothing. The man who does not pay attention to whether or not times change—or trends passing by. The man who wants to be dressed for the predictable, and the unpredictable. For now, for later.

By choosing Appearance, we make sure that you are presentable in any situation, on any occasion. We call it Everyday Formal: where business meets casual and becomes business casual.