Mission Afrika

In collaboration with Mission Africa, we will make sure that your old clothes from Appearance do not perish, but instead get a new purpose if for some reason you no longer use it. Could it be that the wardrobe needs to be refreshed, has it changed size or is it just hanging in the wardrobe without being used?

We have therefore made a collaboration with Mission Africa, where you can return your old Appearance product. to us, where it will then be used for a good cause to build schools and education in Africa in Cameroon and Mali. We make sure that the used products are washed and possibly. repairs are made, after which the products are nicely packed and sold in Mission Africa's stores in Cameroon and Mali, where the sale goes to maintaining, developing and building schools, as well as having more children in education.

We have already donated our remaining stock of old products
for this purpose, and would now like to work with our customers to do even more to improve children's educational opportunities in Cameroon and Mali.

About Mission Africa

If you want to help develop the opportunity for children in Cameroon and Mali to get an education and a better start in life, you need to just go to the link below and order a free shipment that you can send your old clothes to us with. You are of course also very welcome to come by with it in the store.


When ordering shipping, we ask you to mark the "Mission Africa" ​​as the order number.

Thank you very much for your support and because you want to help create better opportunities for the children in Cameroon and Mali .