Appearance-An-Ivy-Commitmant-Ansvarlig-Produktion-Responsible-Production-Skjorte-Shirt-Jackets-Jakke-Slips-Tie-Sokker-Socks-Strik-Troejer-Knitwear Appearance-An-Ivy-Commitmant-Ansvarlig-Produktion-Responsible-Production-Skjorte-Shirt-Jackets-Jakke-Slips-Tie-Sokker-Socks-Strik-Troejer-Knitwear

The Commitment

A mission to be a more responsible company that cares about how our products are made, their lifespan and after-use life

responsibility as a matter of course

A Commitment - To the Everyday Man

Good, long-lasting clothes are not a given. We have made every effort to ensure that the way we develop and produce our clothing meets today's strictest sourcing and manufacturing standards. It's the least we can do.

We are sure that timeless products, produced by some of the most responsible manufacturers in Europe, in the most superior quality, is how we contribute the most to our environment. Quality is not just a way to differentiate yourself: it is a sensible way to approach sustainability in the clothing industry.


Openness and Honesty

It all comes down to a choice. For us, we prefer to be open and honest about the people and companies we work with, the textiles we use and how we as a clothing brand approach sustainability in an industry that never changes.

Appearance-An-Ivy-Commitmant-Ansvarlig-Produktion-Responsible-Production-Skjorte-Shirt-Jackets-Jakke-Slips-Tie-Sokker-Socks-Strik-Troejer-Knitwear-Oekologisk Appearance-An-Ivy-Commitmant-Ansvarlig-Produktion-Responsible-Production-Skjorte-Shirt-Jackets-Jakke-Slips-Tie-Sokker-Socks-Strik-Troejer-Knitwear-Oekologisk

Our Guiding Lines

We have decided to be a more responsible clothing brand. With a focus on all steps from fibers to the afterlife of the product. We want our products to last as long as possible and at the same time manufacture them in a more responsible way.

With a mission to be a more responsible clothing brand, we focus on making the right choices at all stages from fibers to the end of the product. We go into how the fibers are grown and harvested. We go into how they are spun, treated and woven. We go into how they become finished garments. How our products are packaged. How they find their way to the customer. How the products keep their quality the longest. And how the journey ends.

Only high quality natural ingredients produced responsibly is how we ensure it is better for you and me and for the planet. It also makes the products ready for recycling after use if they are not good enough to donate to a good cause.


Responsible Production

Is our choice. A choice to produce exclusively in certified natural fibres, where by manufacturing raw material and finished product, we have done so responsibly and with consideration for the environment. Our textiles are produced according to strict environmental standards and certifications in factories primarily in Portugal under high working conditions.

Appearance-An-Ivy-Commitmant-Ansvarlig-Produktion-Responsible-Production-Skjorte-Shirt-Jackets-Jakke-Slips-Tie-Sokker-Socks-Strik-Troejer-Knit-Sweater-Oekologisk-Organic Appearance-An-Ivy-Commitmant-Ansvarlig-Produktion-Responsible-Production-Skjorte-Shirt-Jackets-Jakke-Slips-Tie-Sokker-Socks-Strik-Troejer-Knit-Sweater-Oekologisk-Organic

Designed in Denmark. Produced in Portugal

Our partners are primarily based in Europe and most of them are in Portugal. From textile manufacturers to sewing machines, they are all located close to each other to ensure the smallest CO2 footprint possible.

Our Portuguese partners are all part of a small group of European factories that are recognized for the way they work with sustainability, energy saving measures, overall energy consumption, how they deal with waste water and the recycling of residual products.